Child abuse is an epidemic
Every 4th girl and every 8th boy is a victim of abuse 1 x up to the age of 18.
98% of all allegations of abuse have occurred - only 2% have been made up.
Only 15 % of sexual abuse is uncovered. The number of unreported cases is over 6 times higher!
80 % of the underage victims who can be seen on commercial, pornographic pictures are under 10 years of age.
According to Internet Watch, there are 9,550 websites where child pornography can be seen.
35,821 reports were received by Internet Watch in 2012, where child pornography was suspected.
750,000 pedophiles per second worldwide are searching for child pornography material.

Let's break the chain of child abuse
An estimated 223,000,000 children are victims of sexual assault.
1,800,000 children are forced into prostitution.
1,200,000 children are sold like goods - many for sexual purposes.
In the USA, more than 2,000 children disappear every day!
Every day 3 children die through sexual assaults in the USA.

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